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Casa Lima, located in Los Angeles, California is a lifestyle brand of design & curated sustainable, handmade pieces, inspired by the idea of bringing art, design, and culture from Latin America to your everyday life. The design process starts with our team thinking about what would the contemporary woman wants to wear and have in her closet, as a unique and one of a kind product. We believed in designing high quality, beautiful accessories that won't damage the planet while helping communities in need in the developing countries. One of the main reasons we started Casa Lima, it is because we want to empower and celebrate women in Latin America and around the world. We are committed to preserving their culture and traditions in their communities. We believe in investing and giving opportunities to highly talented people who are the ones making this entire project possible. Casa Lima is committed to achieving fair working conditions and minimizing environmental impact on the design industry. Sustainable design has been seen as the spiritless option, and we are determined to change that perception. Casa Lima is sustainable, not boring.


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