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Four Essential Home Treatments a Women Should Do

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This is the best moment to start self-love practices. As contemporary women, we are super active and involved in a lot of things at the same time. Often we are just giving a little time to nourish our body. We are here to remind you there are simple ways to give yourself some love. Make it a habit! Here is a list of our top Four essential home treatments that are easy for you to do.


“Sweethon facemask”

For this hydration explosion, you will need Honey + raw oats + coconut oil. In a small bowl mix one spoon of honey, one spoon of coconut oil and three spoons of the raw oats. Make sure you mix all the ingredients until you get a compact texture. Oats are really good to exfoliate your face, the honey is essential to keep the natural moist of your skin, and well the coconut is simply the best moisturizer nature could gift us, it has vitamins and antibacterial component for deep hydration. Apply the mask on clean face, gently massage for a little bit, let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Voila! Face ready for a spring day.


“It's like combing your body”

We are talking about dry brushing. This ancestral practice is the best of the best. You will see, after you do it the first time, your body will start craving for it. Dry brushing besides giving you the smoother skin you will ever have, it increases blood circulation, reduces stress levels and helps to eliminate cellulitis.On dry skin, brush very gently in clockwise circular movements, starting from your feet all the way up to your neck. You could do it before or after you take a shower, it works either way.We recommend you to do it after just because it will open the pores, leaving your skin ready to absorb the moisturizer you normally use. Ready to glow Goddess? Start dry brushing, it is simply like combing your body!


“Flowerbomb Bath”

There is nothing more relaxing after a super productive day than a warm water bath. For this little home spa experience, you will need your favorite flowers, raw honey, and lavender oil. This essential oil helps your body to relax and unwind. It's a natural beauty booster. Are you ready? fill your bathtub with warm water, sparkle the flowers, pour a spoon of honey and some drops of the lavender oil. Lit some candles, play the music you love the most and relax.



“The Cocomask”

Beach days are coming up and you want your hair to be ready for it. The cocomask its a super moisturizing mask for your hair. For this treatment, you will need a cup of coconut oil and a spoon of almond oil. Combined both oils and apply on dry hair. We recommend to brush and massage your hair after you apply the mask. Ideally, you leave it overnight for a maximum hydration. If you decide not to sleep with it, it's fine, just make sure you leave it in at least 30 minutes to see results.  Make a bun or not you will get a nourish bomb.


 Author: Juliana Lima Cianfaglione


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