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9 Ways to Dress Boho Chic

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The boho chic look has made a major resurgence the past few seasons and has become one of the most effortlessly stylish looks out there today. Mixing modern, fashion-forward pieces and a hint of 70’s hippie glam, the boho chic style is one that can fit virtually any woman who wants to make a statement with her look.

If you have never tried to capture the boho chic look before, taking on this style may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have brought together nine tips that can help you dress more boho chic almost instantly. Here are our nine favorite ways to capture this look in your wardrobe.

1. Go For Natural Colors and Tones

The first step in creating a boho chic look is to make sure that all of your pieces are in the right color pallet. Boho chic is all about being earthy but still stylish. When you start to pick out items for your new wardrobe go for natural colors, tones and fabrics. Avoid bold colors and neon hues. While you can add a few pops of colors here and there, such as rich jewel tones and turquoise colors here and there, the more natural and neutral, the better.

2. Grab a Few Staples

A few staple pieces can be key to creating an entire wardrobe that screams boho chic. Maxi dresses and skirts are great for the boho chic style. Think flowing and full dresses and skirts and even flowing pants and jumpsuits. A few loose tunics and blouses are also great to get you started as you can easily add them to your existing jeans, shorts or leggings. Chunky knit cardigans and sweaters are also great basics for you to start mixing and matching with.

3. Think in Layers

The boho chic style is all about layering to add dimension to your outfit. This is an easy way to make your outfit pop, especially if you are mostly dressing in neutral colors. Long open cardigans, vests and even layered jewelry are all great ways to add some interest to your outfit.

4. Say “Yes” to Hats and Hair Accessories

If you want to master a truly boho chic look, then you need to start introducing some hats and hair accessories to your look. They can really go a long way in establishing a boho chic style. Big, floppy, 70s inspired hats are in right now as are bold headbands and wraps. Pair these accessories with long, loose waves in your hair and you will look entirely boho.

5. Add the Right Bag

Much of the boho chic look is about accessories. Any accessory with natural colors and fabrics such as straw, crocheted yarn or canvas are all in when it comes to boho chic. Fringe, tassels and braiding are also really important in accessories. We love pieces like our Agua Santa chic handmade Bag when it comes to creating a boho chic style, it is dainty, natural and features tassels and braiding. It adds the perfect earth tones to your look. The final product is just oozing boho chic style.

6. Experiment With Patterns

Boho goddesses aren’t afraid of anything—especially experimenting with different patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns when creating your look. When it comes to choosing these patterns, look for florals and nature-inspired patterns. Don’t be afraid to add a few patterns in coordinating pallets into an entire look. Just because you have a floral skirt on, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a patterned scarf to the mix. Take a look to our Agua Santa collection!

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7. Add Flowy Pieces in the Right Places

Boho is all about flowing pieces, but in order to make sure you add the element of chic styling to the look, make sure that you are balancing out your flowing pieces with a few structured items to create a pretty, feminine silhouette and balance in your outfit. Pair that long flowing maxi with a more structured tan jacket or vest. Don’t be afraid to use belts to cinch in the waist and add structure either.

8. Have Fun With Footwear

Footwear is another place where you can really have fun with your look and really pull an outfit together. In the summer, boho chic is all about strappy sandals, tie up flats and gladiator sandals. Of course, booties are always in style all season long for the boho chic woman. In the colder months, consider introducing taller leather, or vegan leather boots, or cowboy boots to your look too.

9. Pick The Right Jewelry

The right jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to your boho chic look. Dangling earrings, long layered necklaces, beaded jewelry and layered bracelets are all totally boho. Fringe, beads and feathers are all very boho chic when it comes to your jewelry. Remember the neutral color pallet with your jewelry, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a little more color in your accessories.


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