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6 Ways to Start Creating Your Own Eclectic Style

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Having a personal style that really stands out from the crowd is a great way to get yourself noticed and to make sure you are reflecting your unique personality with your look. However, creating an eclectic style can sometimes be a challenge. You want your look to be fun and quirky, but you don’t want it to border on being mismatched or sloppy.

It can be a challenge, but there is a way to create your own eclectic style (and to pull it off) and to still look pulled together while you do it. In fact, here are six of our favorite ways to start creating your own eclectic style.

1. Color, Color, Color

If you want to create an eclectic style, then color is the easiest way to do it. This is a great way to start with the process of redefining your style as it allows you to use pieces that you already have and pull them together to create your look. Think about color combinations you may have normally thought didn’t match, such as say red and purple. If you make sure the actual pieces (such as a fitted top and a flowing skirt, still coordinate then the way the color combination works may surprise you.


2. Find the Right Accessories 

If you want to ease into the eclectic style but don’t want to overdo it, say for work, then accessories are the way to go. Bold, fun and brightly colored accessories can really go a long way in transforming your look and making your style more eclectic. Big earrings, layered necklaces and stacks of bold bracelets can really change an outfit from ordinary to extra ordinary. 

3. Add a Bold Bag

Want an easy way to transform you look into something more eclectic? Then consider adding a bold bag to your outfit. A brightly colored bag with lots of pattern and texture can be the key to really taking your look from stylish to chic yet eclectic. Think outside-the-box when choosing a bold bag. Just because the colors of your bag don’t necessarily match the colors in your outfit, it doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect match. Think of your bag as a way to add color to your look and don’t worry so much about matching—you are trying to be eclectic after all. Our Agua Santa collection it’s for sure a great fit for a Bold Bag.

4. Mix and Match Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns is a great way to create a completely unique and eclectic look. Instead of trying to downplay or match patterns, put your boldest patterns together and you may just be surprised by the outcome. Stripes and plaids can go together and patterned frocks can be paired with patterned bags and accessories for a look that is fun and eclectic. 

5. Think About Your Footwear 

If you are trying to dip your toe into the eclectic style pool, try by starting with your feet. Choosing unique, out-of-the-box footwear is a great “step forward” when it comes to creating a more eclectic style. Think tennis shoes with poofy skirts or chunky boots with frilly dresses. It is all about the unexpected.

6. Make Opposites Attract

An easy way to start dressing more eclectic right from your own closet is to make unexpected outfit combinations. Match your girly, flowing skirt with a vintage t-shirt or throw your favorite cozy sweater on top of a summer dress. Maybe you put a leather jacket with a tulle skirt. Mixing dressier items with more casual pieces or mixing and matching seasonal items is an easy way to create a more eclectic look.



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